About 112UP App

'112UP' is the official name of the 'Uttar Pradesh State Wide Dial 112 Project'.

The vision of this project is to provide prompt integrated emergency services for public safety and security to all persons, including those with special needs, anytime, anywhere in the State of Uttar Pradesh.This project envisions of a central Contact Centre at Lucknow to facilitate receiving information of emergencies relating to public safety by phone, text, email, video call etc. by ensuring round-the-clock availability of operational 100 numbers from the entire State. Police field services shall be provided by 3200 4-wheeler and 1600 2-wheeler Police Response Vehicles (PRVs), deployed directly under its control, aiming at less than 15-minute response time in urban and 20-minutes in rural areas.

Fire Services and Medical Emergency services are also being integrated.

This App provides an easy medium of accessing the 112UP services. You may register 'My Emergency Contacts', who will be notified in case of an emergency. When you register 'My Locations', it will assist the police to reach the location quickly in case of an emergency. 'My Languages' will help us communicate with you in your language of choice. You may also like to register as a Language Translation Volunteer to assist others in need for whom language officers may not be available with us.

The users may also upload pictures or videos relating to incidents, which will be tagged with their emergency request and will assist local Police Station to act on them as evidence.

This App is developed by Integrated Technology Enabled Citizen Centric Services (ITECCS) cell of Uttar Pradesh Police, which has been assigned the responsibility of executing this project.