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LINK: UP Police Service for Private Security Agencies & Security Guards


When an alarm in secured premises goes off it needs quick police response. The LINK initiative by the UP Police aims to provide this critical service to Private Security Firms with Alarm Reception Center and Security Guards for the sake of public safety.


For Agencies with Alarm Reception Center

Private Security Agencies are welcome to join in this initiative. Here is the step by step process of registering and implementing LINK at your premises:

  • Step 1: Signing of an agreement with 112-UP
  • Step 2: Registration of the to-be-secured premises with 112-UP
  • Step 3: Training of the Agency’s Alarm Reception Center personnel to establish procedures of communication
  • Step 4: Site familiarization visit by Police Response Vehicle (PRV) to gather basic information like the number of gates, contact number of Security In-Charge, etc
  • Step 5: Mock alarm calls and response by the PRV
  • Step 6: Launch. Periodical checks by 112-UP to ensure that the system will work seamlessly

For Security Guards

  • Step 1: Signing of an agreement by Private Security Agency
  • Step 2: Self-registration of Security Guards on the 112-UP Citizens’ App. Basic information like name, agency, and premises details are required for the registration
  • Step 3: Security Guards can get an emergency response by pressing the SOS button on their smartphone

Is LINK a Paid Service?

No. This service is free of cost, and 112-UP charges nothing for it. If you call 112 for help, we would respond, anyway. LINK streamlines this communication.

Can Alarms not linked to a Alarm Reception Center also join LINK

Not at this stage. Our experience with alarms is that a very high proportion of the triggers are false. Hence, we need an agency to filter and forward only true alarm triggers. But we are eager to learn, experiment, and evolve.

If you have a solution that can help, please give us your feedback.

Can Cash Vans Register for LINK?

Yes. If your agency desires, we can make your cash vans and other mobile assets a part of LINK.

Data Security Policy

We collect only the data that is required for tactical advantage in responding to your alarm. Your data is kept confidential and is accessible only for investigations under the law.

112-UP has established the highest standards of security at its data storage facilities. If you choose to leave LINK, we will delete all your data and provide you with a certificate to that effect.

Data related to alarm events will be used for the analysis and improvement of our services.