'Savera'- a ray of hope in the lives of senior citizens

Uttar Pradesh Police’s initiative 'Savera' (meaning morning) is spreading light in the lives of millions of senior citizens and elderly people. The initiative was launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shri Yogi Adityanath on October 26, 2019. Any senior citizen can call 112 and get registered. After registration, if the senior citizen requires any security related assistance, then the nearest Police Station personnel or the Police Response Vehicle of 112-UP reaches and resolves. In last one year, more than 7.3 lac senior citizens from across the state have registered themselves. A special Senior Citizen Cell has been constituted at district-level and in every police station.

Objective of the initiative

To establish a regular community-connect with the citizens and resolve their personal and collective problems at the initial stage, in order to create a sense of security among the citizens.

Benefits of Savera

  • The pre-registered details like address, location help in giving 'enhanced response' when 112 is called
  • Dispute-related, health-related, etc. details help in rendering better response.


Registration process

The senior citizen may get the primary registration done by calling 112. After primary registration, the local Police Station or Beat Officer goes to the residence of the senior citizen and does the detailed registration, in which essential details like health, family, etc. (if provided by the senior citizen) are sought.​